Thorby Enterprises, Inc. provides design and processing services
to companies on the internet.

Our customers include:

True Yellow Pages — One of the first online directories of US businesses, True Yellow Pages is fast, complete, and easy to use. Retail, wholesale, engineering, manufacturing, nonprofit organizations—whatever you're looking for, if it does business in the US, you'll find it at True Yellow Pages.

US Health Services — A resource for health and medicine establishments throughout the US, US Health Services allows users to search for medical specialties, clinics, as well as health care alternatives.

US Casino Finder — A fast directory of US casinos and other US gambling establishments, including bingo halls, card rooms, horse racetracks, harness racetracks and greyhound racing.

US Travel Services — Planes, trains, and automobiles... and more! The US Travel Services directory should be your first stop when planning travel, a vacation, or when you're just seeking a new restaurant for a night on the town.

US Food & Beverage — Restaurants, bars, and lounges (and businesses that cater to the food and beverage industries) are the US Food & Beverage directory's concentration.